9 Day Meditation Retreat with Ajahn Brahm from 23rd June to 2nd July 2017 at Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre. Jointly organised by Bodhinyana International Foundation (BIF) of Hong Kong and Ehipassiko Foundation (EF) of Indonesia. This is a non Buddhist Society of Western Australia event.
This retreat includes Buddha Dhamma talks, suttas, meditations and question and answer sessions.

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Track 01: AM

Track 02: Evening Question and Answers Session

Track 03: AM

Track 04: PM Sutta

Track 05: Evening Q&A

Track 06: AM

Track 07: PM Sutta

Track 08: Evening Q&A

Track 09: AM

Track 10: PM Sutta

Track 11: Evening Q&A

Track 12: AM

Track 13: PM Sutta

Track 14: Evening Q&A

Track 15: AM

Track 16: PM Sutta

Track 17: Evening Q&A

Track 18: AM

Track 19: AM

Track 20: PM Sutta

Track 21: AM

Track 22: Metta Meditation

Track 23: Final Talk

You can download these audio teachings from http://deeperdhamma.podbean.com

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