Weekend sutta retreat conducted by Ajahn Brahmali at Jhana Grove Retreat Centre in Serpentine, Western Australia (January 2014).

Reading material i.e. suttas for Jhana Grove weekend retreat in January 2014

Suttas discussed at Jhana Grove retreat, January 2014

  • AN 5:79 -Future Perils
  • AN 5:155 -Decline of the Good Dhamma
  • SN 3:18 -Diligence
  • AN 11:2 -Volition
  • MN129 -Fools and Wise Men
  • AN 6:10 – Mahānāma
  • AN 5:162 -Removing Resentment
  • MN7 -The Simile of the Cloth
  • AN 7:74 Araka
  • AN 3:39 -Delicate
  • AN 8:6 -World
  • AN 3:125 Gotamaka

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