Weekend Sutta Retreat conducted by Ajahn Brahmali in March 2012, at Jhana Grove Retreat Centre, in Serpentine, Western Australia.

Reading material i.e. suttas for weekend retreat at Jhana Grove in March 2012.

Day 1 – Introduction
Day 2 – Morning Teaching Part 1 (MN 19: 2 kinds of thoughts)
Day 2 – Morning Teaching Part 2 (MN 19 Continued)
Day 2 – Afternoon Teaching (MN 20: Removal of distracting)
Guided Meditation
Day 3- Teaching Part 1 (MN 118 mindfulness of breathing)
Day 3 – Teaching Part 2 (MN 118 Breath meditation continued)

Suttas discussed at Weekend Retreat, 3-4 March 2012

  • AN5:79 Future Dangers
  • MN19: Two Kinds of Thought
  • MN20: The Removal of Distracting Thoughts
  • AN3:101 The Soil Remover
  • MN118: Mindfulness of Breathing
  • AN10:60 Girimānanda
  • MN21: The Simile of the Saw
  • MN7: The Simile of the Cloth
  • MN106: Conducive to the Imperturbable

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