Rains Retreat teachings from 23rd July to the 8th of October 2008. Teachings given by the abbot Ajahn Brahm at Bodhinyana Monastery in Serpentine (southeast of Perth, Western Australia). The main audience was the Sangha.


Track 1/10: The 5 Senses are Suffering | Ajahn Brahm | 23rd July 2008

Track 2/10: Walk a lot, Sit a lot | Ajahn Brahm | 30th July 2008

Track 3/10: Do Not Disturb | Ajahn Brahm | 6th August 2008

Track 4/10: Not My Kamma | Ajahn Brahm | 13th August 2008

Track 5/10: Stopping Suffering | Ajahn Brahm | 20th August 2008

Track 6/10: Refuge in Stillness | Ajahn Brahm | 27th August 2008

Track 7/10: Just a Step | Ajahn Brahm | 17th September 2008

Track 8/10: Get Out of the Shit Pit | Ajahn Brahm | 24th September 2008

Track 9/10:; Still the Watcher | Ajahn Brahm | 1st October 2008

Track 10/10:; Starve the Doer | Ajahn Brahm | 8th October 2008

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