Ajahn Cittapalo speaks to us tonight of finding inner happiness. Not so much the happiness we would normally think of such as laughter or pleasure at getting a new lounge. The inner happiness that can be enjoyed by our mind being at peace. Not searching nor assessing the past. Not planing nor analysing the future, just happy to be in the present moment. Achieving this inner happiness for most of us seems impossible, but it can be achieved with practise, patience, persistence and Buddhist Meditation. Ajahn used the life experience of his grand father’s life after the second world war to demonstrate that such peace of mind, inner happiness can be achieved by anyone under the most arduous of circumstances.

Ajahn then lead the group in a thirty minute meditation well suited to beginners and experienced alike. Ajahn starts by encouraging us to focus on our physical comfort first then just allow our mind to rest. When thoughts arise, step aside and let them go.

After the meditation Ajahn reminds us to not make our meditation another burden or task. We have enough on our plates already.

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