When making a direct deposit to the Buddhist Society of Western Australia please use the following details:

  • Bank name:         Bankwest
  • Bank address:       Bank of Western Australia (Bankwest), Davenport Street, Karrinyup WA 6018, Australia
  • Name of account:    The Buddhist Society of WA (Inc)
  • BSB number:         306 073
  • Account number:     0686932
  • Swift code:         BKWAAU6P
  • BSWA address:       18-20 Nanson Way,  Nollamara, WA,  6061,  Australia

The funds will be transferred to the relevant account as specified by the donor.

Donors should specify in the deposit narration or in an email to ‘admin@bswa.org‘ the account from the list given below where the donation should be transferred to.

  • General Expense Fund
  • Dhammaloka Building Fund
  • Bodhinyana Expense Fund
  • Bodhinyana Building Fund (Includes Jhana Grove building projects)
  • Dhammasara Expense Fund
  • Dhammasara Building Fund
  • Jhana Grove Expense Fund
  • Membership payment (To pay for membership please go to the membership page)

For Australian tax payers, donations to building funds are tax exempt when the donations are used solely for buildings.