Donating with PayPal

Donations made with this form go to the BSWA’s general expenses fund.

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Direct Deposit Donations

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Direct Debit Donations

We have introduced a new way to make regular ongoing donations to BSWA where you are able to sign up to direct debit and tell us how much and how often you would like to make your contributions, and we will set up the payments for you.

Download the Direct Debit formBSWA_Direct_Debit_Application_Form.pdf


Other Donations

The Buddhist Society of Western Australia supports facilities for the lay community, but in a physical location at Dhammaloka City Centre and also online, as well as through running the Jhana Grove Retreat Centre. However, the Buddhist Society also is committed to the support of the monastic sangha at Bodhinyana Monastery and at Dhammasara Monastery.

To find out more about donating to other BSWA funds, click this link.