Stocker Rd End of Rains

10am – 27th September 2020

Join Ajahn Santutthi & Ajahn J.R. for the very first Stocker Rd end of the rains ceremony.

Dhammaloka City Centre
18 Nanson Way, Nollamara

Shared meal, talk and chanting.

Funds raised will go towards building at the Stocker Rd Hermitage and expenses for the Homestead Vihara, Gosnells.

See you there!

Note: For a Kathina to take place, at least 5 fully ordained monks must have stayed in the same monastery for the full period of the rains retreat. For this reason we simply call the celebration an “End of rains” ceremony.

Please note: COVID social distancing rules of 1.5 metres per person remain in place. We are limited to no more than 80 persons excluding staff in the Community Hall, and 174 in the Dhamma hall.

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