Ajahn Brahm Online Stickers Vol. 1, 2 & 3


This is how you can download the 90 Online Ajahn Brahm Stickers produced in 2022 & 23 to use on WhatsApp, iMessage, social media and also in emails.

Option 1:

If you wish to add the whole Ajahn Brahm sticker pack directly to WhatsApp and/or iMessage, please follow the instructions below:
1) Download the “Sticker Maker” app (by Viko & Co) onto your mobile device (if you do not already have it).
Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marsvard.stickermakerforwhatsapp
iPhone users: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/sticker-maker-studio/id1443326857
You do not need to pay/subscribe, the free version works for this.
2) Open and view the Ajahn Brahm Sticker Packs here:
Ajahn Brahm Sticker Pack 1 (Stickers 1-30)
Ajahn Brahm Sticker Pack 2 (Stickers 31-60)
Ajahn Brahm Sticker Pack 3 (Stickers 61-90)
(Make sure you are not viewing the pages above in “desktop mode” on your mobile device, otherwise it will not work.)
3) Tap “Add to WhatsApp” and/or “Add to iMessage” (you might get an advertising during this process, just click the cross or click close).
4) Done! The whole Ajahn Brahm sticker pack is now available in WhatsApp for you to use (you will need to keep the “Sticker Maker” app on your device, otherwise the sticker pack will disappear again.)

5) Enjoy using the Ajahn Brahm stickers and share them with your friends (and enemies too).

Option 2:

If you wish to download the PNG files to share via email, social media or otherwise, please use the link below:
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