The stables project is now well underway. This is the first residential building on the Stocker Rd property so we’re highly motivated to get it done so we can move in. While we’re waiting on our building permit we’ve got a number of jobs to work on ourselves and tradies to line up. Excavation for the BioMAX septic system is done.

Thankfully we didn’t hit any of the granite boulders that are common to Roleystone.

Sarking is being installed under the tin roof as ember protection in the event of a bushfire and to avoid condensation damaging the insulation.

Rob and Marc have been chipping out the tiles in the bathroom. We’ve got a quote to rip up parts of the floor to allow the new plumbing to be installed.

A whole lot of metal work has been done to remove the steel framing inside and around the stables.

In tradie land we’ll be getting help with concrete cutting, slab pouring, wood framer and plasterboard. Our electrician Lucio and plumber Phil are working pro bono.

Since we obviously have huge amounts of free time (joke!) we’re also starting on our re-vegetation project, nominated for a grant by the local member Andrew Hastie. We just got a batch of 300 seedlings from a specialist nursery near Midland. These “local natives” should do well in the clay soil near the Canning River. Many thanks to Jill at Trillion Trees for her help. A truckload of mulch has been spread and another will come soon.

Many thanks to our army of (socially distant) volunteers. And thanks for cake:


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