The stables, when it was just a stables.

Inside the stables after a bit of cleaning up.

The front of the stables, as it was.


Walls, surplus to requirements, fall.

Demolishing the frame below the old water tank.

Rob gazes down from the old skylight, which was originally covered with fibreglass.

A layer of green sarking prevents condensation entering the building.

Winter comes, and with it mud.

Ajahn Santutthi cuts a piece of lintel.

Anagarika Rob makes a new doorway.

Mark in his mask during masonry work.

Phil and Rob open a new window.

Ajahn Santutthi welding the steel trusses.

Rob cleans a pile of 40 year old bricks for reuse.

One of many late evenings at the stables.

Our future common area begins to take shape.

A new slab laid on top of the old.

The brickie gets to work.

External window and door openings are complete.

Our structural engineer, Jeff.

Another day in the mud.

Installing air vents for the bathrooms.

The fibreglass insulation batts arrive.

The carpenter installs timber frame inside the brick veneer structure.

Lal is suitably impressed.

The treasury team arrive to help install the insulation.

The common room fully insulated.

Cutting plasterboard late into the night.

The ceiling goes in.

The common room starts to look like a room.

The north side of the building.

Ajahn Santutthi fits a bedroom window.

A pane of glass is fitted to the new skylight.

Painting begins.

Ajahn Santutthi: Master of tiling.

Venerable Jayako with the tile saw.

The pad for the front patio.

Great Aussie Patios get to work.

Ven. Jayako can dispense with the tent.

The new skylight is unwrapped.

Ajahn Santutthi finishing the plaster work around a window.

Luxman fits a pendant light.

Plaster work around skylight.

We gather to pick up the kitchen cabinets.

Loading the truck.

Arriving with the cabinets.

Ajahn Santutthi cuts away holes for the kitchen plumbing.

Ven. Jayako makes an adjustment.

Painting the brick walls in the common area.

Kitchen cupboards are fixed to the wall.

Drainage pipes being laid.

Lucio working on the switchboard.

Tiling the disabled bathroom.

Cornices ready to go.

Flooring goes down.

Surprise inspection by the boss.

Tiling the kitchen.

More finishing work around the windows.

Waldamar gets started with the stove.

The new patio slab is poured.

The patio out front.

S L Green Energy install our solar array.

Our team of volunteers finishing off the kitchen.

Phil installs the hot water system.

Blinds and air-conditioning.

Wow, what a space!

The new stables in its full glory.