Finding a Secure Place Within during these Insecure Times

This is a free 6 session zoom program of skills training in Self Management and Compassion for oneself and others, commencing on the 12th September 2020.

Chris Perrier is a long standing member of the BSWA who has offered pro-bono help on many occasions when the Society asked him to help out.  He has been a practising psychologist for over 30 years and uses the Buddha’s teachings as a foundation for his work. He is offering this course FREE for BSWA members.

This program uses the Buddhist teachings on loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity as well as positive psychology techniques and mental and emotional rehearsal techniques to spontaneously enhance a Caring rather than a Competitive response to internal stressors like Shame and the Inner Critic. It also facilitates better responses to the challenges we face in dealing with our loved ones and the community in general around us.

This course will not contain a lot of conceptual theory but rather very practical techniques to change the balance in people’s nervous systems and people’s minds and hearts and views.

The research base for these strategies is steeped in the teachings of the Buddha as well as scientific research founded on Compassion Focused Therapy by Dr Paul Gilbert in the UK and Neuro Dharma techniques by Dr Rick Hanson in the USA. Both of these psychologists are extremely well-versed in the Buddhist teachings and have a very broad practical experiential understanding of how to apply these teachings in daily life situations.

Please email your phone number to Chris at so that you may be contacted to discuss your expectations and suitability.


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