Exciting news about retreats in Jhana Grove….

More weekend retreats
Due to popular demand, we have now introduced more weekend retreats in 2022. Spread the word and encourage more people to come and enjoy the bliss of Jhana Grove.

Group self retreat
If you want to do self-retreat but don’t want to be alone in Jhana Grove, this is the right retreat for you – Group Self-Retreat! We are also catering to our 9-day retreat ‘junkies’ who may have withdrawal symptoms, since they can only attend one Ajahn Brahm retreat per year. Group Self-Retreat will be for 9 days, like BSWA 9-Day retreat except there is no teacher and no food will be provided. However, you will be allowed to attend the Wednesday night talk in Bodhinyana that Ajahn Brahm conducts for his monks. For meals, bread and cereal, all day-coffee, tea will be provided. You will be asked to bring your own food for lunch. We have enough fridge/freezer space in the kitchen for you to store your food. To allow more space for self retreatants, we will only be taking in 20 retreatants for each group self retreat, which means allocating two retreatants per cottage. Noble silence and keeping 8-precepts will be observed during retreat. Room bond of $280 and eligibility criteria of having attended at least 2 9-day BSWA retreats in Jhana Grove apply.

Changes to Ajahn Brahm Retreats start from Jan 2022 Retreat
Attendance will now be restricted to once a year per person, to give more opportunities for others to attend. Half of the retreat places will be available for initial booking. For the remaining half of the spots, for 5 days only, you may register online for a random pick process. Initial booking and random pick process will be made available to full members and those with equivalent status only. When all available places have been filled, the waitlist will open to all including non-members.
For the random pick process, allocated priority will be given to seniors (= > 60 years old) as well as first timers to Ajahn Brahm’s BSWA 9-Day Retreat in Jhana Grove.


Dated: 11th October 2021

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