Dear Members,

I present to you the results of the 2017 Member Survey titled ‘‘Investigating the Need or Otherwise of Paid Resources within the BSWA’.

The survey by was commissioned as a result of discussion at last year’s AGM as to whether the Society should engage a full time paid manager (or similar) to manage the increasing administrative workload of the Society.

The reason that this surfaced as an issue is due to the exponential growth of the Society in the last twenty years including our re-classification by reportable government bodies as a mid size charity, yet our operating model has remained unchanged creating considerable work and turnover of volunteers. The survey was commissioned in part to try and see if there was some consensus among members as to how the Society should be resourced and yet maintain its ability for volunteers to contribute through Dana.

Please read the report as it will be tabled at the AGM and we hope that any items relating to the report that may be discussed at the AGM you will now be more informed on.

 Resource Subcommittee Report: Investigating the Need or Otherwise of Paid Resources within the BSWA


Kind Regards,

Drew Bellamy  B.Sc. (Geol), M.Sc. (Econ)


Buddhist Society Western Australia (Inc)

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