Dear Member

If you are a full/honorary member of BSWA who is planning to attend the Special General Meeting in person and can act as a proxy for members who cannot attend the meeting, please email Assistant Secretary, Lucky at (You can be the proxy for not more than 5 members).

On the other hand, if you are unable to attend the Special General Meeting but would still like to vote, please complete the Proxy form and hand that to a full/honorary member who will be attending the meeting. In case you are interstate or overseas and do not know of anyone attending the meeting, please email Lucky. She will try to recommend a full/honorary member who can act as your proxy. It is highly recommended that you add a note in your Proxy Form that “In the event of the proxy holder having more than five proxies this form can be passed on to another financial member who will then act as my proxy”. Kindly cc Lucky and the Secretary ( when you mail your completed proxy form to the recommended proxy holder so we can keep track. These proxy forms should be emailed to the Secretary before 21 Apr 2018 1pm for the forms to be effective.

By facilitating this, we hope to achieve a democratic and inclusive process during the Special General Meeting.


With Metta

Lay Har Goh

Vice President, BSWA


Proxy Form_Special General Meeting-BSWA-22 Apr 2018

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