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Dhammasara - Returning Lay Guest Application

Use this form if you have applied using online form, and now requesting for another stay.
Let us know your new stay dates, and if there are any updates pertaining your personal information and Emergency contact person.

All guests must have Health Insurance coverage (Medicare included).

  • Guests from Western Australia are usually offered up to 2 weeks stay at a time. Interstate/overseas guests may apply for up to 4 weeks.
  • Include any Notes/Updates that you wish to provide.
    * My stay dates cannot be extended without prior approval from the Monastery.
    * I have read and understand the information page for visitors.
    * Dhammasara Nuns Monastery and the BSWA will not be responsible for any deterioration of the mental state and physical well-being.
    * I have Medical Insurance coverage. If I am hospitalised for medical treatment, I am responsible for all the medical and transport costs. Dhammasara and BSWA will not be liable for my expenses, including medical and transportation.
    * I declare that I am not taking any medication or illicit substance that can cause withdrawal from abrupt discontinuation.
    * If I become mentally or physically unwell, Dhammasara Nun Monastery and the BSWA will contact my next of kin or the nominated person who can organise appropriate medical care.
    * I am giving my consent for Dhammansara Nun Monastery to contact the local Emergency Department or appropriate services for treatment should I become mentally or physically unwell.
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