Bodhinyana Guest Application

An application form for lay people wishing to visit and reside in the monastery for one night or longer. This is not intended for monastic visitors.

  • Your Email Address (Email is preferred for correspondence, especially for overseas visitors)
  • Australian land line or mobile as preferred. Overseas visitors please give country & area code.
  • Guest accommodation is separate for men and women. Transgender and intersex visitors are welcome.
  • General (2 weeks, Jan/Feb 1999) or specific (1st June 2050 to 14th June 2050) Bookings taken up to one year in advance (i.e. You can book any time in November 2017 from 1st November 2016)
  • Guests in Western Australia are usually offered up to 2 weeks stay at a time. Those from outside the state may stay for up to 4 weeks.
  • Please provide approximate regularity and lengths of retreat(s)
  • If you do consider yourself to be a buddhist, which tradition, teacher are you affiliated with (if any)
  • Please provide details of any experience you have had staying in monasteries or communities.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Guests may be required to do physical labor. If you have an injury or condition that would make this difficult then the booking must be approved by the work master. Please also give details of any condition that could endanger you or require treatment during your stay.
  • Please specify any mental health issues that could endanger you or require treatment during your stay.
  • Please specify any medications you will need to take at the time of your visit.
  • Your relationship with this person, their name and phone number.
  • Please visit the information page for visitors and make sure you read and understand the information there.