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Dhammasara Monastery is located in a very high bushfire risk area. The main aim of the monastery’s Bushfire Emergency Plan is to protect the lives of all monastery residents and visitors. Click here if you are planning to come to stay at the monastery. 

This plan specifies, according to the Fire Danger Rating for the day, the things that must be done daily by residents and visitors to the monastery to help protect us from bushfire. See the table below for instructions you need to follow when visiting, according to the different fire danger ratings.

Fire Danger Rating 

Before you visit the monastery for the day during the fire season please check the current fire danger rating for the Swan Inland North. If the rating is Extreme or higher you may need to consider cancelling your visit.

Note that the rating may change daily. Ratings are given at Bureau of Meteorology website: http://www.bom.gov.au/places/wa/gidgegannup/forecast/


Fire Rating Procedure

Fire Rating

What you need to do:

Moderate & High


·    Please park in the designated parking areas

·    Please park nose out, for quick exit in an emergency

·    Do not park along roads – or block exit routes

You CAN visit the public areas:

·    Bodhi Tree and Stupa Area

·    Upper dam, Visitors Walking & Kwan Yin Areas

Extreme Day 1


·  Same as ‘Moderate to High’ Fire Danger Rating

·    Please leave the monastery straight after Dana.

·    Please DO NOT visit the public outdoor areas (Stupa & Bodhi Tree are closed)

Extreme On-going

·  Dana drop off only.

·  Please leave the monastery straight after dropping off Dana.


·    The monastery will be CLOSED and Dana will be cancelled

·    Dhammasara community (nuns and lay guests) will evacuate.


The Dhammasara monastery property is a non-smoking environment every day of the year

Incense or candles CANNOT be lit outdoors at any time of the year