The daily schedule is an effective, time-proven suggestion for retreatants, but it does not necessarily have to be followed rigidly. Jhana Grove’s daily schedule is somewhat flexible, grounded in kindness and ease.


4.00-4.30am Rise with gusto!
4.30-5.00am Walking meditation
5.00-6.00am Sitting meditation
6.00-6.10am Chanting in the meditation hall
6.10-7.00am Sitting/Walking meditation
7.00-8.00am Breakfast
 8.00-9.00am Ajahn’s Dhamma talk
9.00-10.00am Walking meditation
10.00-11.00am Sitting meditation
11.00-1.30pm Lunch and rest
1.30-2.00pm Walking meditation
2.00-3.00pm Sitting meditation
3.00-4.00pm Walking meditation
4.00-5.00pm Sitting meditation
 5.00-6.30pm Evening Drink
6.30-7.00pm Walking meditation
7.00-7.50pm Sitting meditation
7.50-8.00pm Chanting in the meditation hall
8.00-9.00pm Ajahn’s questions and answers
9.00- late Rest or more meditation