Online Relax & Grow New Year 2022/23 Meditation Days – 30 Dec 2022 to 01 Jan 2023

Rather than trying to become, just be, meeting the moment as it comes and responding with wisdom and kindness born from stillness, peace and contentment.

You are invited to join the Relax & Grow New Year 2022/23 Meditations Days from Friday 30 DEC 2022 to Sunday 01 JAN 2023 with the theme “Just Be” led by Bhante Bodhidhaja. All the instructions and guided meditations will be made available on Friday after lunch on this website here:Venerable Cunda

On the website you will have access to the recorded YouTube videos, to go through at your own pace and in your own time. You can join the whole retreat or just parts of it, whatever suits you best. Please check the timings for the 3 live Q&A Sessions via Zoom with Bhantes Cunda & Bodhidhaja however, in order to join at the right time.

Here is a short video explaining how it will work:

We hope to see you there to farewell the old year and welcome the new one meditating over the New Year’s weekend.

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