Sunday 23 October 2022

@ Dhammasara Nuns Monastery

9.15am – 12.30pm

9:15am : Arrival of Guests
10:00am : Taking 3 Refuges & 5 Precepts

Dhamma Reflection by Ajahn Hasapanna

Auspicious Chant & Blessings by the Nuns

10:30am : Rice Alms-round (Pindapat) followed by Lunch
12:15pm : Offering of the Kathina Robes & Requisites (in Meditation Hall)
~12:30pm : (Optional) Bush Walk, including visit to a Kuti

(Short Walk ~ 45min; Long Walk ~ 2.5 hours)

Appropriate footwear required. Children under 17 years must be accompanied by their parent.

After the nuns have taken their food, everyone is invited to have lunch. Please bring your own cutlery and wash your dishes at home to help avoid congestion in our kitchen area.

Please also observe the room capacity limit and maintain good personal hygiene.

Dana Gift offerings and Donations for the Kathina ceremony
  • Robes will be available for offering by voluntary donation
  • Dana of requisites for the nuns and gifts may be offered on the day
  • You may donate online via:
      1. Bank transfer:
        BSB: 306 073 Account: 068 6974    Description: Kathina 2022
      2. Pay Pal:


Your cooperation is much appreciated. Thank you!






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