Due to popular demand for BSWA 9-day retreats, it has been observed that all spots have been filled within a few minutes when the retreat is first open to BSWA Full Members.  To avoid confusion to other BSWA members and non-members who might be waiting to book a week after retreat is open, with effect from Jan 2022 Retreats, bookings to BSWA 9-Day Retreats will be open to BSWA Full Members only. Equivalent status is given to members of Buddhist Fellowship Singapore, Buddhist Gem Fellowship Kuala Lumpur, Mahindarama Pali School Penang, Terengganu Buddhist Association, Ehipassiko Foundation and Bodhinyana International Foundation (BIF) of Hong Kong.


  • Bookings to BSWA 9-Day Retreats will be open to BSWA Full Members only. You are encouraged to upgrade to full membership to be eligible for booking. Additionally, if you are an existing full member, you are reminded to keep your membership up to date at the time of the retreat booking or else your retreat booking might be cancelled if the membership is found to be outdated.
  • Associate members and non-members you are welcome to put your name on the Waiting List Only when it opens. Please note that these retreats are in high demand.
  • Weekend retreats will continue to be open to all, including non-members.

Ajahn Brahm 9-day Retreats

  • Attendance will now be restricted to once a year per person, to give more opportunities for others to attend.
  • Half of the retreat places will be available for booking. For the remaining places, for 5 days only, you may register online for a random pick process. When all available places have been filled, the waitlist will open to all including non-members.

Random Pick Process (full members only)

Allocated priority will be given to:

  • Seniors (= > 60 years old)
  • First timers to Ajahn Brahm’s BSWA 9-Day Retreat in Jhana Grove.

Dated: 25th August 2021.

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