Dear BSWA Members (past and present), all supporters


Our dear Ajahn Brahm will soon celebrate 7 decades on the 7th of August, 2021. More importantly, its almost 47 years since he made the fateful (and wonderful for us) decision to follow the path of the Dhamma and impart those teachings of the Buddha to us.

The occasion is an opportunity to rejoice with a party of serenity and contemplation (as Ajahn Brahm would like). It is also a time to appreciate the work of our venerable monk who has been instrumental in spreading the message of Dhamma here and around the world.

Amongst his many accomplishments, Ajahn Brahm has been instrumental in establishing the Bodhinyana (Monks) monastery, the sanctuary of Dhammasara (Nuns) monastery in Western Australia and the establishment of the Meditation Centre, Jhana Grove, Bodhinyana Great Southern in Albany, Kusala Hermitage in Kelmscott. In keeping with his visionary attitude, many more projects are planned. Of course, whilst he has led and motivated, it is you, the members, who provided the foundation for BSWA to grow, thrive and help others.

To help mark this milestone, the BSWA wishes to embark on a membership drive for all those whose lives have been touched by Ajahn Brahm. The memberships raise much needed funds to continue the good work that Ajahn Brahm started. Given the challenges faced by many due to the pandemic, it has been vital that BSWA keep its doors “open” (more so online) for all those who seek solace and guidance in the Dhamma and Sangha.

The current annual fee for new members (and renewals) is A$50. The memberships and donations received are vital as they directly contribute to the management and operations of facilities and administration. All this is done with the aim of spreading the virtues of the Dhamma.

If you can and would like to play a part, please do so online at

If you have renewed your membership recently, or if you are a member Paid for Lifetime, we thank you for your support.

If you think your records are incorrect, please contact the Membership team by e-mail at ( or by mail.

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