BSWA is live streaming Ajahn Brahm and other senior monks’ talks for the benefit for all. We understand that a few people who had joined the live streaming and chat were indulging in idle chatting using offensive language.This has made the whole experience very distasteful to the others who were there to enjoy the talk.

Listening to the Dhamma talk and exchanging Dhamma experience on the chat is a wholesome act. Engaging in chats using offensive language and vulgarities is unwholesome which will lead to bad kamma.

We appeal to all to be mindful of your words and action.

Our live streaming is manned by volunteers who are offering their personal time so people around the world can join the talk live. They have to ensure that the technicalities of operating the system is met and at the same time, offered the chat so questions can be posed to the senior monks after the talk.

With immediate effect these AV volunteers will also look out and block those who misbehave in the chat but in case we missed, we ask for your understanding.

We apologise to those who had to bear the brunt of the offensive language being used in the chat during last Friday night’s talk.

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