Kusala Hermitage in Roleystone is looking for someone who would like to live and work with the resident monks Ajahn Santutthi, Ajahn Jhanarato and Venerable Vimokkha. There is one spare “bedroom kuti” which is quiet and comfortable.

There is plenty to keep you busy as we get the property in order and work on various projects. Merit opportunities include:

  • Driving the monks to appointments, on shopping trips and various services.
  • Offering breakfast and helping clean up after the meal.
  • Weeding and native re-vegetation projects on our 26 acre forested block.
  • Gardening, including tending to Ajahn Santutthi’s world famous rose garden.
  • Building fencing and new gates.
  • Handyman work around the stables. (It’s never finished)
  • Possible building projects later in the year.

So, if you’re fit and enjoy teamwork, get in contact and we can give you the details.

Phone: 0444 556 032

Email: monks6111@gmail.com

Cheers from the Kusala sangha!

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