The planting season is over until the end of autumn next year but there’s plenty to help out with if you’re interested. Most of our gardens, natives and roses, are fenced off to keep out the kangaroos and rabbits. This of course means we have to take care of the weeds that would normally be munched on. Thanks to Simon and his friend we’ve made a great start on the ephemeral wetland:

It’s a good time of year to do this and if you’re interested in helping out, please drop us a line at or 0444 556 032. Even an hour of your time would make a difference.

We also have a new gardening page for Kusala Hermitage and a mailing list for those who wish to receive news and upcoming events. Contact us at the email address above to be added.

Many thanks to all who’ve already contributed and welcome to those who plan to join in!


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