Rose Garden Weeding

Thanks to Sompop and his crew for coming in on July 15 to help out in the rose garden. Everything is hacked back, weeded and tidied ready for spring.

In the rose garden

Speaking of Rose, she came along with her family and planted some wandoo and she oak on the rocky slopes.

Rose's family planting trees

Landcare & SERCUL Pepper Tree Demolition

As part of a grant under the WA government’s Community Rivercare Program, a large Brazillian Pepper Tree is being removed from the banks of the Canning River. While the pepper trees are great for the Amazon rainforest canopy, they’re not so good here in WA. It’s a big job and we’re just getting started. A team of 6 from Landcare and SERCUL came early on the morning of the 19th July equipped with chainsaws and a wood chipper. There is still a lot more to remove, but it’s a great start.

Pepper tree before cutting

Underneath the pepper tree before cutting.

Crew begins

Pepper tree stump

End of work day removing pepper tree.


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