The Dhammasara Community would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our sponsors, donors, supporters, volunteers and everyone who has contributed in many ways to the successful Kathina Ceremony on 16 Oct 2016. About 800-900 guests were present to witness this auspicious robe-offering ceremony to the Bhikkhuni Sangha who spent the Rains Retreat at Dhammasara. kathina-2016

This robe cloth was immediately sewn into a robe by the nuns. This new robe was presented to the nominated Bhikkhuni during the Kathina Spreading ceremony that evening.



During that day, our Main Driveway (203 Reen Road) was temporarily opened, about 200 cars were able to experience
a wider road into the Building Complex area. Roadworks continued the next day after Kathina, targeted completion by end November.


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