JG has a new Retreat Booking system now!






























It uses Stripe as the backend payment system which is good news to those countries which were restricted by PayPal.

For more information on our retreat bookings and dates:

To access our new booking page, you can either use this link https://jgbookings.tidyhq.com/public/schedule/events

Or click on the link to each retreat provided on our BSWA website on retreat booking.


We have also provided a Trial booking option HERE for a donation of $10 to Jhana Grove, for those who may want to be familiarised with our new booking process. A donation will help to also cover the cost of the transaction fees imposed by the new system.

Please kindly read the information provided on our website https://bswa.org/location/jhana-grove-retreat-centre/ (including FAQs) before emailing us or making a booking. JG is run by volunteers and hence would be appreciative if we can minimise answering queries where information is already on our website.

And if not and you still have queries, email bookings@bswa.org


Happy Holidays!


The Jhana Grove Retreat Team




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