Saturday 4th January 2pm – 6pm
Dhammayanaram Monastery
56 Scott Rd, Kelmscott

Join Ajahn Jhanarato (J.R.) for an afternoon of teaching and meditation. There will be a half day retreat held at Wat Dhammayanam. This will include teachings on meditation, as well as some guided meditation sessions. The main emphasis for the day is on the Buddhist approach to meditation.

Calming the mind this way lets you develop a clear mind, letting us function more effectively in our everyday activities. Ajahn J.R. has an informal, laid back approach to meditation.

Places are limited. To book, please email (maximum 2 persons).

A little bit about the teacher

Ajahn Jhanarato grew up in Sydney and after graduating from high school in 1995 moved to Perth with his family. After completing a degree in software engineering he spent 4 years working as a programmer in Melbourne. While successful in his career he became disillusioned with the whole business. In 2004 he came across Ajahn Brahm’s teachings online. Upon returning to Perth in 2005 he started attending Dhammaloka temple. In 2006 he ordained as an anagarika at Bodhinyana and eventually took higher ordination in June 2009.

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