Bodhinyana is operating normally. All the monks and residents are well and have no symptoms.
Visitors are asked to follow all gentle instructions:

Pindipat is taking place each day but supporters offering rice are asked to stand a metre apart.
Masks to be worn at all times, unless eating.
30 visitors only can join the Blessing at lunchtime – due to the 2 sq.m rule. Chairs are along the length of the balcony to allow additional participation.
Food Dana will be received at the normal door by the Anagrikas where visitors will be requested to sign in by QR code, or by completing the Covid Safety plan register.

The Anagarikas and residents will take care of washing up – the kitchen is off limits to visitors.
There are separate receptacles outside the kitchen that can receive cutlery,dishes and waste.

Patience is required when obtaining food for your own lunch.
There is a limit of 12 people at a time circulating the tables.

Please honour this so that the Monastery can remain compliant.

For visitors, eating should take place outside mainly on the patio.
Please be careful to practice social distancing when using the tables.

Please follow the instructions of any monk or anagarika.
They are trying to keep everyone safe, peaceful and kind during this challenging period.


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