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Do you not want to join this retreat knowing that Ajahn Santutthi is the teacher???
Do you not want to learn meditation from this teacher who always looks so happy???
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Ajahn Santutthi, who has been a monk for 13 years, was ordained by Ajahn Brahm in Bodhinyana Monastery His family fled Vietnam in the late 70s to start a new life in Perth. By chance he stumbled upon Buddhism at the age of 21 and was quickly drawn to the teachings on meditation. He spent a few years pursuing his career as a chef, learning how to bake lemon tarts and homemade chocolate ice-cream. After preparing one too many overcooked steaks and getting grilled for it by the head chef, he decided to walk away. Two years later he found himself in Bodhinyana Monastery. By the age of 23 he decided to “give it all up” to walk the path of the Buddha. After his 7th year living at Bodhinyana Monastery, he decided to travel east to live in Wat Buddha Dhamma. He lived in Wat Buddha Dhamma for 5 years helping out with the building and maintenance work and occasional teachings. He is now back living in Bodhinyana Monastery.

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