Please note the following for our retreats:

  • Noble Silence will be observed throughout the retreat. This means no talking or non-verbal communication (except of course in emergencies, interviews or discussion times with the teacher).
  • It is mandatory for retreatants to maintain The Eight Precepts during the retreat. For more information on The Eight Precepts, please visit our website at
  • If you must cancel your booking, please contact Christina at If cancellation is less than 7 days before the retreat, your bond will not be refunded.

 Prior to the Retreat:

  • Ensure that you have adequate medical insurance cover during the stay. In the event that you are hospitalised or needing medical treatment, that you will organise for this funding yourself. Jhana Grove and the BSWA will not be held responsible for your personal expenses including medical and transportation.
  • Overseas Retreatants must have a valid Australian Visa for the duration of the retreat.
  • You should NOT attend the retreat if you are feeling unwell. You can email Christina Yew at for cancellation of the retreat booking.
  • Please email bookings-assist@bswa.orgif you have any dietary requirements. You will be asked to bring your own food and we have fridge and freezer for storing them if needed. All meals served in Jhana Grove during Retreats are vegetarian.

Arrival and During Retreat:

  • Please aim to arrive around 5:15pm – 6:00pm at the reception area for check-in. If you are arriving later than 8pm, please inform Christina Yew at or call Jhana Grove at (08) 9525 3314.
  • We will provide a list of tasks that will require your help during the retreat. Please indicate your name against your preferred task on this list. Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. (This list can be found on the Dining Room Notice Board).
  • Choose a spot in the Dining Room and pick your plates/bowl/cutlery from a designated table.
  • Select your preferred spot in the Meditation Hall but please do not move the cushion or chair. Do not lie down during talks or meditation. If you need to rest or meditate lying down, please do so in the comfort of the room in your cottage.
  • You will keep the same spot in the Meditation Hall and Dining Room throughout the Retreat. Feel free to bring something personal to mark those spots.
  • Refrain from using electronic communication devices in Jhana Grove. Exception: Ajahn Brahm 9-Day Retreat where you may access guided meditation on your devices discreetly, or Ajahn Brahmali Sutta Retreat where you may access downloaded suttas on your devices.
  • Attend the retreat briefing on Day 0 (after check-in), at 7:15pm in the Meditation Hall, after a light dinner. The Retreat Introduction Talk will commence at 8pm.
  • Here is the Form – Retreatant Details. Kindly complete it and bring a printed copy when you arrive in Jhana Grove.
  • Retreat finishes on the final day at 12:15pm for 9-day retreat and 3pm for Weekend Retreat. Please be committed to stay till the end of the retreat.
  • Please do not bring any valuables.


What to Bring

✔   Alarm clock ✔   Reusable water bottle
✔   Bathroom mat ✔   Slip-on shoes
✔   Bed sheet (for Single Bed) ✔   Tissues
✔   Pillow Case ✔   Towel
✔   Blanket ✔   Toiletries
✔   Doona (winter)

✔   Cash or card, if you wish to purchase books and other merchandise in Jhana Grove

✔   Torch

✔   Umbrella

✔   Hat

✔   Comfortable and modest clothing – Shorts above the knee and leggings are not suitable ✔   Wrap or shawl for meditating (recommended)
✔   Flynets and insect repellent are recommended during summer ✔   Travel insurance (if applicable)

✔   Walking shoes, if you want to go bush walking


Jhana Grove is colder at night than Perth. Please consider this when packing.

Meditation cushions, stools and mats will be available for all.  Locals are welcome to bring their own cushion or stools.


If you need to provide an emergency contact for your family members during retreat, they can call Jhana Grove at +61 (8) 9525 3314.

All BSWA Retreats are for our members only. We thank you for signing up as members and supporting the work we do in BSWA.


Enjoy your retreat!

With Metta
Jhana Grove Retreat Team

NB: Our retreat team is not trained in caring for meditators with serious mental or physical disorders. Attendance is not recommended if you have psychosis, personality disorder, schizophrenia, severe depression or if your health may be compromised by a lack of access to your regular health care support services. If you have any doubts about your suitability to attend the retreat, we require you to consult your health care professional(s) and obtain clearance before attending. This is your responsibility.