As the monks and nuns are on rains retreat from 9th July till October, the BSWA has arranged for guest speakers for Friday evenings.

Please find the list of speakers below.

DATE – 2017


July 14th Dennis Sheppard
July 21st Margaret Hodgkin

Religious Society of Friends

July 28th Sol Hanna
August 4th Kathryn Choules

‘What’s happening in our brain & body as we cultivate Mindfulness’

August 11th Ven. Sr. Hue Can
August 18th Ven. Sr. Hue Can
August 25th Belrooz Eslam    Transition Town, City of Vincent
September 1st Drew Bellamy, President of BSWA, “The Business of Buddhism in the next generation”
September 8th Len Warren, “What will happen to me as I die? A Tibetan Buddhist view.”
September 15th Ajahn Sidhar Susara
September 22rd Ajahn Sidhar Susara
September 29th Ajahn Sidhar Susara
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