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"May you be happy" in Pali

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  • "May you be happy" in Pali

    Dear Monastic Community,

    would anyone know how to transfer the Pali phrases

    Aham avero homi
    May I be free from enmity and danger
    abyapajjho homi
    May I be free from mental suffering
    anigha homi
    May I be free from physical suffering
    sukhi - attanam pariharami
    May I take care of myself happily

    ...into to the second person singular? I would like to write them on a Christmas Card to a very very very dear friend of mine. Or at least

    Dear friend, may you be happy

    in Pali? She has a year ago or so encountered Buddhism through Ajahn Brahm's Youtube videos.

    Sorry, I know this question is not directly related to any kind of the Sutta Study, but you would really do me a great favour if you could help me translate that for me.

    Metta & thanks a lot in advance!

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    Hope it's still on time.

    tvaṃ avero hohi
    abyāpajjo hohi
    anīgho hohi
    sukhī attānaṁ pariharahi

    With metta!


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      Thank you very much, Venerable Sunyo. :-)

      It's a bit late by now, the card is already 'out'. ^^ Unfortunately, I used hosi instead of hohi.
      I looked it up in a Pali Grammar book, and now realize that what I wrote probably means rather:

      tvam avero hosi - you are free from enmity and danger

      whereas using hohi it means

      tvam avero hohi - may you be free from enmity and danger

      ...can you confirm that?

      This is important!. I will need to ask her to bring the card and let me tip-ex and correct that syllable. :-)

      Thank you & metta


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        haha good on the tip-ex

        yeh that's correct. She'll never know, though, if you don't tell her!


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          Thank you Venerable Sunyo. Of course I told her.



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