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source of "samadhi maggo" gatha

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  • source of "samadhi maggo" gatha

    Dear Bhikkhu,

    A favorite gatha of Ajahn Brahm is "Samadhi is the path. No samadhi is wrong path". (samadhi maggo. asamadhi kum(?)-maggo. ti)
    Please point me to the source sutta(s).

    Metta, Franz

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    Hi Franz,

    Using a bit of google I found that AN 6.64 contains such a quote at the very end. It may be in different places as well.

    Of course samadhi in itself is not the path. But it is an essential part of the path.

    With kindness,


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      AN 6-64 Lion's Roar Sutta - "concentration is the path"

      Dear Bhikkhu Sunyo, thanks. It's wonderful to read AN 6-64.

      "Thus, bhikkhus, concentration is the path; lack of concentration is the wrong path." (from Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation)
      “samadhi maggo, asamadhi kummaggo ti.”

      Coincidentally, just as "Right Samadhi" (the 4 jhanas) is placed at the end of the Noble Eightfold Path as some kind of bookend, this gatha placed at the end of AN 6-64 summarizes the discourse about the Tathagata's Six Powers.

      So far I have not found other instances of the gatha in the suttas.

      with metta, Franz



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