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SN 21:10 Living Alone

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  • SN 21:10 Living Alone

    Dear Venerable,

    In SN 21:10, the Buddha instructs a monk who prefers to live alone. The monk says that alone, he goes to the village for alms, returns to the forest, sits and walks meditation.

    The Buddha says in essence that living alone that way is okay, and he instructs the monk in the details on how to live alone to perfection, basically saying that the past must be abandoned, as well as the future, and that any passion and desire with regard to states of being attained in the present is well subdued.

    My question is in reference to what the Buddha meant by 1. states of being,

    2. attained, and

    3. in the present (rather than a future goal).

    Metta, eddie

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    Hi Ed,

    Suttacentral has Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation which may be a bit more clear:

    "desire and lust for present forms of individual existence has been thoroughly removed."

    The Pali is "paccuppannesu ca atta*bhāva*paṭi*lā*bhesu chandarāgo suppaṭivinīto". This is how I understand it:

    1. "States of beings" or "forms of individual existence" (Pali attabhava) usually refers to certain rebirths.

    2. Attained then means obtaining a state of rebrith.

    3. It is slighly obscure to me exactly how to interpret "present" with "desire for obtaining a rebirth".

    With metta,



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