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Let's Go on A Weekend Sutta Retreat

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  • Let's Go on A Weekend Sutta Retreat

    Now here's a real treat for you, compliments of Ajahn Brahmali and the Dhammaloka audio team...

    Want to deepen you understanding of the Dhamma? Have a couple of days to spare? Big opportunity! Go on an *instant* Sutta weekend retreat at home. All you need is:
    • Comfortable Seclusion (no phones, visitors, TV etc)
    • Playback device (audio files provided)
    • Printed Sutta selection ( text files provided)

    Friday Night
    To begin take the 8-Precepts, read them to yourself and decide to keep them during the next two days. This will ease your mind of burdens and distractions so that you can fully focus on your spiritual investigations. Keep Noble Silence throughout the retreat, except at interview time (see below) Now listen to Audio 01 including the guided meditation. Bedtime

    Audio-02 - 9am
    Audio-03 -11am
    Audio-03 -3 pm
    Audio-05 - 9pm

    During the rest of the day, do sitting and walking meditation, go for solitary walks etc. Retreats normally have interview time for the participants and -Questions and Answer sessions-, written down by the retreatants and read/answered out by the Ajahn. You might like to phone a kalyanamitta (Dhamma friend) or post here at Dhammaloka as a substitute, especially if you're finding the silence disconcerting.

    Audio-06 -9am
    Audio-07 -11am
    Audio-08 -1 pm
    Audio-09- 2pm

    The same activities as Saturday however finishing up at 3pm.

    Relaxed, inspired and refreshed...

    To the retreat resources
    (Retreat recorded at Jhana Grove Retreat Centre January 2011)

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    Dear Bo,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!





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