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Using mala beads with ajahn brahms meditation style, is it okay?

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  • Using mala beads with ajahn brahms meditation style, is it okay?


    So my main two practices are seated metta meditation and walking meditation but when I try to just be sit and be aware of the present moment I find myself becoming very tired. Today I discovered some old mala beads in my drawer and decided to try them out. I found it was extremely helpful for helping with my tiredness! So this lead me to ask if its okay for me to use them? I'll describe the practice I did if that helps.

    1) Sit and become comfortable, make sure the body is nice and happy.
    2) Move into present moment awareness - with each bead I recite one of Ajahn Brahms mantras (eg. "may all beings be happy! including me!" or "I'm going to die, that's for sure!" etc. etc.)
    3) Move into silent present moment awareness - I move a bead at the start of each natural breathe (I don't force myself to breathe a certain way).
    4) Silent present moment awareness of the breath - At this point I put the beads down and I continue the meditation as normal.

    Personally, I'm finding this really really helpful in helping my mind find peace and joy in the present moment. Obviously I'd like to work towards not using the beads but for a start I hope its okay to use this method?

    With Metta,


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