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  • Questions for Ed Rock

    Hello Ed Rock,

    My questions are particularly for you regarding something you mentioned in one of your posts from 2016 which concerned me. The discussion topic was the citta and here is your post:

    Thank you Venerable Sunyo,

    Yes. I recall somewhere in the suttas the Buddha saying that although Nibbana was not annihilism, it was closer to annihilism than eternalism. So it remains an enigma. Perhaps the only way to 'experience' it is thru the kandhas and the refinement/metamorphosis of each when nibbana is touched. I recall touching 'something' that put the body/form in bed for three months, while the other four khandas went over the top! Still feel the effects 32 years later.

    Metta, eddie
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    So Ed, I wanted to ask you some advice and questions from your experience if you don’t mind.

    1) Say one practices meditation for 2-5 hours a day daily (or more), 1-2 hours during a single sitting. Plus, such a person practices Dhamma earnestly throughout his day and life with occasional, perhaps yearly, intensive meditation retreats. Would such a practice possibly ‘put one’s body/form in bed’ for months like you? Frankly speaking, most lay people need to be up and working and just tending to daily life, so they can’t afford to be bed-ridden for that long.

    **So basically, I want to know how to avoid such an experience of putting the body in bed for months, with the other four khandas over the top!

    2) What practices did you engage in which “put your body/form in bed for three months, while the other four khandas went over the top!” E.g. intensive meditation retreats, temporary ordination, many hours of meditation (about how many?), etc.

    3) Generally, any advice about not ending up with the body/form in bed with the other four khandas over the top as a layman dedicated to meditation and Dhamma practice would be appreciated! Any references and descriptions to your early practice which put you in this condition would also be nice if you don’t mind sharing your experience.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time Ed.

    Best wishes.

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    Greetings Haca,

    It would be best to understand this in detail. Janet and I will be publishing a memoir of our lives this fall sometime that records everything leading up to the experience and what transpired afterward. Look in the book section of for "Stumbling Across Buddha" by E. Raymond and Janet V. Rock. If you cannot afford the paperback or Ebook, I will be happy to send you a copy.

    Metta, eddie,


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      Thank you very much for your reply Ed. I'm looking forward to reading your memoir.

      Best wishes.


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        An easy solution, Haca, would be to go forth and ordain.
        Be well.


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