If you believe the stuff you are posting Bradley, why come to this site? The views expressed by the group of "seekers" and their guru is just about the opposite to what Ajahn Brahm, BSWA and Theravada Buddhists teach. For people unaware of this group, it is useful to know that the guru is not an ordained monk... not part of any Buddhist Sangha.

This forum is about making the Dhamma accessible for people. So Bradley; What benefit is there for you to keep posting from this group? What benefit is there for members of this forum? How does it bring one closer to the Dhamma? In fact, even though these writings "quote" Siddharta (never any references given) I cannot even classify them as Buddhist as they are often the complete opposite of the words of the Buddha as per authenticated teachings, and the teachings of any of the branches of Buddhism.

I only respond to you here, because people coming here are looking for information about Buddhism, or wanting deeper knowledge and connection to the Dhamma. Whereas, these excerpts are just reinforcing delusion, wrong understanding, wrong view etc. Just because it is labelled "the word of siddharta" doesn't mean it has the slightest thing to do with Buddhism. In fact I cannot see any single authentic teaching in it at all. It just seems like dishonest speech, pretending it is something it is not.