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    To whom it may concern,

    I'm not sure whether it's me, but I can't find any updated talks in a downloadable MP3 format. Are we closing that shop?

    This is the latest talk published:



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    Hi Dheera,

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I know that the wonderful web people at BSWA are busy doing lots of work on the website and hopefully the fruits of their labour will be with us soon. I don't know if audio downloads will be included, but in the meantime I have extracted the audio from the YouTube videos and uploaded them to the Internet Archive site. So far I have only done the missing Dhamma Talks - the Sutta Study and Guided Meditations will follow soon. Also, I haven't really listened to, or edited the files that were extracted from YouTube, so there may be some problems there, but hopefully not.

    There are two pages - one for the tail end of 2015, and another for the start of 2016.

    Downloading a zip of all the talks on a page is self explanatory (I think).

    To download an individual talk:
    • Click on the download options | VBR MP3
    • Hover over the talk that you want
    • right-click on the arrow
    • in the pop-up box click 'save link as...'

    If it turns out that the 'shop has been closed' permanently, I'll continue to extract and add talks as we go, but I'll need a little nudge every now and then from you.



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      Try sending PJ a PM about this for a possible answer.


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        Dear Stuart and Jerrod,

        Thanks so much.



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          Found this site which is cool...

          Apparently maintained by Ranjith Daluwatta. I don't know who you are Ranjith, or if you read these forums, but your doing a great job! Thank you.



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            All the talks available for download that I've found are in the "m4a" format, a proprietary Apple audio format, instead of the standard mp3 format. So unless you own an Apple music player or smart phone, your device may not be able to play the m4a file. There are, however, many free applications available on the internet which will convert m4a to mp3. See, for example:


            Also, if you own an Android smart phone, there are applications on the Google Play Store that claim they can play m4a files. If you have a non-Apple mp3 player, the device will most likely not have m4a support. Many mp3 players come with software capable of converting m4a to mp3 or you can find free tools on the internet to do the same thing(see above link).

            Going forward, I think it would be wise to return to the mp3 format, since every device supports this format. I further suggest that mp3 vbr(variable bit rate) be used, since pretty much any mp3 player manufactured in the last 10 years will have support for vbr and this format will greatly reduce the size of the file as compared to the standard mp3 compression, without adversely affecting audio quality.


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              Thanks a lot, Stuart!

              Thanks, Patrick.



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