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  • "Thank you" feature

    On some forums there is a "Thank You" button on every post that lets you say thanks to the poster. Would it be possible to implement this feature so that we can thank the helpful laypeople and monks for answering our questions? I've asked several questions in the Ask a Monastic! forum which have been promptly answered by the helpful monks, and it would be nice if I could thank them without putting an entire post in the moderation queue.

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    I was pondering on this too the otherday.
    Like on facebook there's a like button, then I read this
    And it made alot of sense.
    Also I read somewhere that we should not be weighed down with praise, as this is transitory too. And would we be checking to see how many likes, thanks, we get

    However, thanking someone still does seem natural, and gives the opportunity for both parties to be appreciative,
    and share a little warmth freely. We give thanks for a meal, a breath, so why not a little wisdom.
    Sounds good to me if the computer wizards could accomodate it, without to much trouble.
    with metta


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      My initial thoughts echo a lot of Mark's.

      I suggest just adding thanks in advance in an initial post containing a question when posting to a moderator approved forum. Of course, you are still welcomed to add a "thank you" post in any forum.

      In the end, it is up to PJ to add such a function if he decides he is ok with it. I recommend emailing him directly...and please be patient in awaiting a reply as he is extremely busy.

      Be well.m


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        Instead of a 'like' or 'thank-you' button, how about a 'share merit' button which would reflect the interconnected nature of all beings / all things? Or maybe a 'Thank-you Buddha' button which would reflect the source of the wisdom on this site instead of making it a personal thank-you to a specific person? And maybe neither of these would need to be assigned to particular posts? Then it's just a button that increments a number - that makes PJ's life easier. Maybe even, the button clicks do not need to be registered on the website? ... A button that does nothing when you press it? ... Very Buddhist!



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          I guess I'll just say thanks in advance. Just that it feels a bit, um, routine. Kinda like writing "Sincerely" or "regards" at the end of a letter.

          Originally posted by Mark Hyland View Post
          Also I read somewhere that we should not be weighed down with praise, as this is transitory too. And would we be checking to see how many likes, thanks, we get
          I agree in principle that we should not expect or be attached to praise. However I can't assume that any of the monks here are enlightened, and until they're not, words of gratitude and appreciation will still play a part in encouraging and motivating them to spare a bit more of their busy time to answer our questions. Even Ajahn Brahm has said, in at least one talk, that he gets tremendous "job satisfaction" from all the letters of gratitude from the people he's helped.


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            It occurs to me that a great way to show appreciation would be to join the BSWA as a member in one capacity or another thereby showing commitment to and thanks for the teachings as well as providing dana in the form of financial support to the monastic community for all they do in person and on this site. Just a suggestion.


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              Oh, I've definitely considered that, and when my financial situation improves I fully intend on joining and hopefully someday attending a Jhana Grove retreat

              Just that... now is not the best time for me.


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                i prefer to just type expressing my thanks rather than just pressing a button - i just find so many things automated nowadays just like kids texting each other even when they are in front of each other. that way i am making the effort to express my gratitude as if i was there in person. it just feels better that way for me. but perhaps if someone can make an emoticon doing a prostration with sadhu, that would be interesting. thank you for allowing me to share

                anjali ca metta,



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