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  • Ask A Monastic thread

    Sukhi Hotu...

    I am searching for the above thread...was it removed permanently or temporarily removed due Rains Retreat?


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    sorry...I mean the Ask A Monastic Discussion ....


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      Are you saying you don't see the Ask a Monastic forum anywhere on the site?

      If you do see it, and post, you won't see anything until a moderator (in this case one of the monastics) approves it. It is unlikely that any of the monastics will be replying to the forum(s) until the rains retreat ends. Let me know if this doesn't answer your questions.


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        Dear Kevin,

        Log out and you will see Ask A Monastic forum. We can`t ask any questions now because of Rains Retreat but we can read all the threads.
        At least that`s how it works for me

        With metta,


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          Thanks for the help Rudite. Unfortunately in this instance I can see everything regardless. Nice to see you. Thanks again.


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            Thank you for the clarification Rudite, the same happens to me and did not know what was going on. I sent a message to the admin a couple of weeks ago and no answer. Now it is clear.



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              Thanks for asking this question. I was curious about this as well because during last years retreat it didn't happen. Just taking a stab in the dark here but I'm guessing it has to do with the kind of browser and OS someone uses. Last year, I was using Firefox on Windows 7 and it showed up fine for me. This year, I'm using Chrome with Windows 8 and it only shows up when I log out. Oh well, if I want to read something, I'll just log out.


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                The Venerable Monks and Nuns come out of Rains on 21 October - the Ask a Monastic! forum will be opened shortly thereafter, once I get the go ahead.

                Jerrod, the reason you can see all the forums is because you're an Administrator : )

                The reason everyone else can see the forum when logged out is because unregistered members (which is what you become when you log out) can read (but not participate in) all forums and posts, including those which are locked.


                Peace and metta, PJ


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                  No wonder! I always have questions when they go on their Rains Retreat!



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