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  • Welcome to the all new Hot Topics Forum

    Many thanks to PJ for taking the time and setting this up. The Hot Topics Forum will contain threads on rebirth, anatta (non-self), and kamma (volitional action). All three, with rebirth being a top winner, tend to generate a lot of interest, so a few folk thought it might be good for them to have a place all their own. I will be migrating any old threads on these subjects over here in the days to come. I will leave redirects for a time just in case anyone gets lost. From now on, please post all threads dealing with the subject matter above in this new forum. Any input regarding this move can be made in the housekeeping section under the thread already in progress there. Of course, feel free to PM me with questions or comments if you'd like as well. Standard forum rules/etiquette apply. Ready, steady, go.

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