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  • An I for an I?

    I can't help but smile and laugh when I think of this saying. Seeing the I that I swapped out for the other I all those years ago. I've felt so frustrated at times thinking this path has gotten me nowhere. It sure has! It invented a whole new me with new vocabulary, friends, books, statues, bells, enough incense to last a Thai temple a week! It's hilarious how arrogant, blind and stupid one can be. Then, you get it. You see the lies, the acting. Hilarious! Don't trade an I for an I. EVERYTHING you do, you do because you think you're supposed to. But thought is not the elusive I. Thought is merely a tool of the mind, and not a necessary one at that. Be no one. Be well, dear nobodies with bodies! : )

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    Greetings Jerrod-rupa, from Samsara Mara

    So nicely said! So true.. EVERYTHING.. we do and think is brought about by conditions....

    I've been thinking about this a lot with the death of my dog. What is interesting to me at the moment is that it seems there are conditions at so many levels.. the surface ones that are relatively easy to identify, and then the really deep ones that have been inherited life after life... that keep us tethered. In trying to find out why I am/was so upset about the death of the dog, it really makes no 'sense'. It is some abstract belief/desire about mythical conditions involving love, support and happiness. In the grossest terms, it is longing for comfortable habits to continue unabated.. ie the conditions for habitual pleasurable actions with pleasurable results involving my dog, have altered, leaving an emptiness. This emptiness is so big. The more the entanglement, the greater the suffering when it is gone.

    It also really emphasises how important it is to keep in the present moment. Dwelling in the past, remembering, or dwelling in the future, possible scenarios, is just a complete waste of time and precludes living in reality. It's like locking oneself up in an attic room of our thinking mind, covering the windows and doors and avoiding life as it truly is.

    Your post is very timely, as I was just thinking ok - what next - what plans -.. what identity. I'm no longer 'that lady with the big dog' lol.


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      Every I we make, we conceive (of), becomes, otherwise - sigh.
      But then, it is said that there is an escape here and now, in this very life visible! Yey

      Thus I heard: At one time the Gracious One was dwelling near Uruvelā, on the bank of the river NeraƱjarā, at the root of the Awakening tree, in the first period after attaining Awakening.

      Then at that time the Gracious One was sitting in one cross-legged posture for seven days experiencing the happiness of freedom. Then with the passing of those seven days the Gracious One, after rising from that concentration, looked around the world with his Buddha-eye. The Gracious One looking around the world with his Buddha-eye saw beings being tormented with many torments, and being burned with many fevers, born from passion, and born from hatred, and born from delusion.

      Then the Gracious One, having understood the significance of it, on that occasion uttered this exalted utterance:

      “This world, overcome by contact, is tormented,
      It speaks of a disease as the self,
      For with whatever it conceives
      Hereafter it becomes otherwise.

      “Continually becoming other,
      the world is shackled by continuity,
      overcome by continuity,
      it greatly rejoices in continuity,
      What it rejoices in, that is fearful,
      What it fears, that is suffering.

      “This spiritual life is lived for the complete giving up of continuity.

      “For whatever the ascetics or brāhmaṇas
      say about freedom from continuity being through further continuity,
      all of them are not free from continuity, I say.

      “Or whatever the ascetics or brāhmaṇas
      say about the escape from continuity being through discontinuity,
      all of them have not escaped from continuity, I say.

      “Conditioned by cleaving this suffering originates,
      through the destruction of all attachment there is no origination of suffering.

      “See this world overcome by many kinds of ignorance,
      beings, who delight in beings, are not free from continuity.

      “Whatever continuities in existence there are, everywhere, in every respect,
      all those continuities are impermanent, suffering, changeable things.

      “Seeing it like this, as it really is, with right wisdom,
      Craving for continuity is given up, and he does not rejoice in discontinuity.

      “From the complete destruction of craving
      there is a fading away of ignorance without remainder, cessation, and Emancipation.

      “For that monk who is emancipated,
      Without attachment, there is no continuity in existence.

      “He has vanquished Māra, is victorious in battle,
      He is such a one who has overcome all continuations in existence.”



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