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  • Happy Buddhasmus

    I really enjoyed a talk by Ajahn Brahm, where he was emphasising inclusiveness by Buddhists as a positive practice - and he coined the phrase Buddhasmus - so

    Wishing everyone a very happy Buddhasmus! May there be peace and goodwill on earth, and joy and compassion in the hearts of all beings for the coming year!


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    Hey! When I clicked on "more" to read the rest of your post, Mara, I went straight to a malicious site warning. And I had another pop-up while typing this reply, which said I won a prize on Amazon! I hope its just in my computer, but I am warning others as well.
    And thank you for the Buddhasmus wishes. It's everywhere now but will soon pass away. A relief.


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      This is a malicious site! It aims to uncover all the silliness the rest of the world is trying to convince you of. And, sadly, our budget for giving out Amazon prizes is non-existent. Be happy anyway!


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        Funny, Jerrod. But this is what came up when I clicked "read more" to read your full reply:

        Probably, I need to upgrade the protection on my computer. I am not too tech savy, but stuff is popping up when I link to this Forum.
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          My mistake for assuming you knew about this. We've discussed it a bit on the site lately, and PJ put an anouncement on the front page a while back. There's nothing wrong with your computer, or this site. The security certificates have lapsed as we had expected the new site to be up and running for some time now. I shouldn't assume again that your computer is ok. But navigating to this site, especially via Explorer or Chrome will give you security warnings. Nothing to worry about though.


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