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    Hi everyone,
    Praise and criticism, I wholeheartedly accept both. But when I am asked to accept one over the other, I reject them both. Hence, I have decided to stay away from the forum.
    I take this opportunity to thank all those who inspired me with their comments on the articles I forwarded. In many instances, they were eyeopeners for me. Thank you once again.
    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.
    Regards. Bradley
    Here is something for your contemplation.
    The world of greed, lies and deception

    The world driven by greed can have no ethics
    It has to be based on lies and deception
    Hence, the truth is anathema to such a world
    Religions lie to their followers
    Politicians lie to their voters and businesses to their customers
    So much so, survival without lies seem virtually impossible
    And to think we have created such a world is frightening
    If you are truthful and honest, you are a ‘fool’ they say
    And sadly, in this world of greed, lies and deception
    It hurts those so-called ‘fools’ who are truthful
    And out of fear, we dare not speak or publish the truth
    So, it is lies, lies and more lies
    And the ‘Word of Siddhartha’ is sadly lost to a world of religions
    Much to the delight of their ‘holy men’.
    like the thirsty deer with full of hope chasing the mirage in the desert, We are given hope to live in hope where there is no hope.
    How else can we maintain sanity, in this world of insanity?

    ‘Religion is like a magic show. The more they fool you,
    the more you want them’.

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    All the best to you too Bradley. I hope you find what you're looking for.

    Personally, I find the Noble 8 Fold Path as taught by the Buddha (an awakened Siddharta Gautama) a source of happiness and contentment, and I look forward to the rest of this journey. This is in direct contrast to where you say....
    "Much to the delight of their ‘holy men’. like the thirsty deer with full of hope chasing the mirage in the desert, We are given hope to live in hope where there is no hope."

    ... I have every confidence in Ajahn Brahm as the spiritual director, and the Sangha of Bodhinyana and associated Monasteries, and am hopeful that we all posses the capacity for liberation from suffering.

    Even if the Buddhas teachings are not to your taste and do not resonate with you, I hope you find happiness.

    with metta
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      I thought I would be gone and you would still be here. Funny how that went. I, like you, took it upon myself to try and save people from being misled, or from misunderstanding, and it brought me as much suffering as it did joy. The joy, for me, was mainly seated in pride and praise as you had mentioned above. One thing I try and remember is that things happen perfectly the way the should: good, bad, lies, truth, suffering, contentment...

      I am glad you've found the strength to take this step and let go of this hot coal. Be well good sir. I will miss your presence.



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        Well said Jerrod


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          All the best Bradly,

          Both Mara and Jerrod echos what I feel - except Jerrod leaving part

          As for me, I have a lot of faith in the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha (consisting of both Bhikkus and Bhikkunis) - and as of late, there is a lot of gratitude towards the Sangha for keeping the practice alive - and, helping us tag along to the Deathless....
          I wasn't always fond of he Sangha And surprise, the journey started after tuning in to Ajhan Braham...

          With metta, Mahisha

          PS: An awakened Siddharta Gautama compared consciousness (consciousnesses?) to a magical illusion