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The Way to Deliverance.

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  • The Way to Deliverance.

    Hi everyone, Here is something for your contemplation. Do you have any comments? Regards. Bradley

    Is Buddhism ‘The Word of Siddhartha’?

    The Way to Deliverance.

    You are your world the ‘Samsara’
    To unlock its secrets, seek it within
    Just the way you are and right where you are
    ‘Samsara’ is your classroom sans students, teachers or books
    Don’t fool yourself by disguising as someone you are not
    When you do, you are an imposter, living a double life
    Suddenly, you are not only yourself but also a someone else
    Amid this confusion and not knowing who you really are
    Whose ‘Dhamma’ are you seeking?
    Whatever your outward appearance you can only be yourself
    You cannot run or hide from yourself, there is nowhere to run or hide
    Where ever you go your ‘Dhamma’ goes with you
    Experience this ‘Dhamma’ to seek it to neutralize it to go beyond
    The only way is the ‘Middle Way’ that is your very own
    “You are your savior, there is no other,” said Siddhartha
    So, just be yourself to seek your creator the ‘Dhamma’
    When the creator is neutralized, he creates no more
    ‘Siddhartha’ was a warrior of a sort, fiercely independent
    Challenges of life he faced head-on and never ‘retreated’
    Thus, he became the conqueror of his ‘Samsara’ but not that of yours
    It is your turn now to conquer yours
    Seek your ‘Way to Deliverance’ within
    It is nowhere else to be found.

    “If the ‘Ultimate Truth’ cannot be found right where you are and
    just the way you are, where else can you find it?” – A Zen proverb.

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    Greetings Bradley

    Having seen you post the same set of "Word of Siddharta - Seeker" literature on this site many times, may I ask what your purpose in doing so is.

    The reason I ask this is because I am concerned that you may be engaging in evangelism about this particular set of beliefs, that are not consistent with Theravadan, or other established branches of Buddhism.

    The reason I explore this is because as a follow-up, you only post further expositions of this view.

    In my opinion, it is not an appropriate use of this forum, to try to convince others of your personal beliefs.

    I mean you no disrespect at all, but while you continue to post these exerpts - especially without clarification of what "The word of Siddharta" group or guru is, then we will continually have to post clarifications about this.




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      The way to deliverance.

      Thanks Mara for your post. It is perfectly alright to express your frank opinion. I have no qualms about it. That is what this forum is for. Whether others agree or not is another matter but it gives everyone an opportunity to understand the way of the world for what it is. Praise or criticism I welcome them all because I am not a believer but a seeker. In my opinion, I do not think it is inappropriate to use this forum to express views and ideas freely as long as one does not overstep its limits. In fact, we should encourage a healthy dialogue to make it more vibrant.
      It is said, a believer is a one who is full of others ideas but nothing of his own, just an empty knowledge. Trapped in a world created by others for him, he will forever be groping in the dark lost and confused. However, a seeker is a one who seeks his world within to free himself from its shackles.
      As a seeker, I do not either accept or reject anything and therefore, I have nothing to offer to convince anyone. It is a matter for the subscribers of this forum to decide as to the pros and cons of the articles I post. Of course, you are most welcome to comment on the articles I submit and I sincerely believe such comments would serve as invaluable material to all of us.
      I honestly believe you are an asset to this forum. Thank you so much once again. Regards. Bradley


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        Thank you Bradley, and for taking my comment exactly as it was intended.

        I love the Buddhas Kalama Sutta, where it is all about questioning, challenging and exploring.
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