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Illness and meditation

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  • Illness and meditation

    Dear all. Using a rare crack in the clouds of fever to ask a question. I have been really sick for a few days, with a high fever and a raw throat and chest. Can´t eat and at night I sweat gallons and tremble like a washing machine.
    Question: how do I deal with this a a buddhist? Should I use this in any way, spend my waking hours meditating on for example the fragility of the body? In a way I find insight in the fever too, I can access a certain kind of mindfulness in it, just observing the turmoil in the body. Could this help the body recouperate in any way?
    Or is it better just to drop all that and save it for later, getting plain rest instead?

    I have been seeing my doctor, so I know for a fact that it is a persistent flu.



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    I'd say listen to your body, be kind to it, and give it what it wants. It it wants to meditate, then meditate, if it wants to watch TV, then watch TV, if it wants to sleep, then sleep. And remember, no matter how bad you are feeling, this too shall pass, and you will be back to normal soon.

    with metta,


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      Thank you Ara This makes sense.



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        Hi Tore,

        I hope you get well soon. My practice when sick or when I have some body pain is to try and achnowldege that the body is in pain, and thats ok, it is what it is, and then focus my effort into trying to limit the mental and emotional suffering that could accompany it, if I am not mindfull :-)

        Mega Metta


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          Thank you Eamonn! Actually starting to feel better, phew. Yes, I agree, the acknowleding and observing it, it´s actually quite interesting. Even thoug my brain felt fried at the worst, I managed to apply observing practice, and it was really interesting and valueable to be able to see the illness in the body from the angle of "non affected mind" so to speak. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I did feel the body responding to this too, as if the body itself experienced the objectivity and borrowed positive energy from the unaffected mind.
          So yes, I too recommend anyone who gets the chance to try it out



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